Day 90 (of 188) validation to ‘play’ – inspired a bit by @scotteach & @tbed63 @laurapaiement

Day 90 (of 188) validation to ‘play’ – inspired a bit by @scotteach & @laurapaiement

Today I shared a proposal to my staff: to take part in a “global play day” on February 4th. While reluctant to spend ‘a whole day’ playing….it does connect to our goal on self regulation: where we do elements of free and structured ‘play’ in our classrooms and gym times at @sorrento83 – we were willing to enable some ‘extra’ play time.

I have referenced PLAY a lot in previous blogs about the evolution of my gym time & mindset to ‘keep kids moving’…
….and I always encourage my colleagues to enable ‘free choice’ time in their play – it’s not always easy, but pays big dividends: I start my G5s day with 30-60 minutes of gym time: sometimes free choice, sometimes structured via but focused on: student choice and constant movement – and seeing how my kids are playing (or not) gives me good insight who I need to connect with in order to ‘improve our day’. Really proud of our #83learns school districts connection with a interior Health via @laurapaiement

I have also ‘sneak’ games into my Learning Centers for years -from boggle and Fowl Words for spelling to Tic Tac Toe (traditional and math operations focused ) in numeracy with many others that rotate through our learning discovery time.

Games teach resilience and perseverance and (hopefully) that losing is just temporary – there’s always the ‘next’ game – and part of the learning process (as I am discovering more often as my kids get older…)

The idea/reminder to ‘play with learning’ is much better than supporting mere task-completion as the objective in the ‘game-of-school’…thanks to the Bedley Brothers (Scott & Tim) for starting a movement that seems to really be taking off! And proud that @scotteach & @tbed63 are part of my PLN!

Glad it’s not just me!!


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