Day 89 (of 188) what I learned from @seahawks & @DangeRussWilson & @PeteCarroll

Day 89 (of 188) what I learned from @seahawks & @DangeRussWilson & @PeteCarroll

My school is a team. Many of the traits I bring to my classroom, my school, my district – my entire learning community – I learned playing football.

I was never the fastest or strongest. I never played in high school (too small of a town) but I A) was given a chance. I am ever thankful to the @ubcthunderbirds for letting me follow a dream and be part of a team that is greater than the sum of its parts (no matter the score)

This last Sunday in an amazing game reminded me of so many other key ingredients including B) trust. Trust in yourself. Trust in your teammates. Trust in your game plan. Trust in the process. Losing this trust on the football field or in the classroom and it is a very big metaphorical hill to climb up.

I was reminded that C) failure is part of the pathway to success. 4 interceptions was only a small part of Sunday’s game; because there was a fifth pass to the same receiver that was the intended target of those 4 interceptions. But the plan was the plan; throw the ball …make the catch… modelling the best definitions of perseverance rigor & patience.

It was an opportunity to see D) everybody taking turns to shine. An o-lineman catching a pass thrown from a punter. You can’t write stuff like this! And you can’t write the stories of so many of the learners in our schools. Home lives range drastically (as so many who ‘make it’ to the NFL know only too well) but at school… school, like on the playing field everyone has an opportunity to leave; to escape; to be a poet, an artist, scientist, a sports star.

And of course that E) there are so many people who make up a team. From the coaches (teachers) to the students (players) all the way to the people who never see the field/classroom – but are vital to enable success.

But there will always be F) the scoreboard – like a traditional report card it only shows part of the journey. 28-22 – just numbers; “A” 89% – it doesn’t show the ‘whole story’ – and just as much as sports pundits will argue that ‘the other team should have won’ trust me that every day teachers want to celebrate the successes of our students that can’t be assigned ‘a number’. We are using eportfolios to show ‘more of the story’. To show the U drafted receiver who caught the game winning touchdown, as well as the coach who put together a fake field goal ‘just in case’.

At the end of the day, I was reminded about the power of G) Relationships. The coaches & players; the teachers & students. Great relationships lead to great achievements when nobody gives up. Down by two touchdowns? Frustrated with a learning objective? If you’ve got those ‘right’ connections, the Seahawks proved what can be done. There was still three minutes on the clock. There is still time left in each class/day/semester/year.

With a chance taken on having & keeping right mindset, there was Trust, a chance to learn from mistakes, opportunities to turn to everyone on the team – and a need to count on everybody on the team – because the scoreboard only told part of the journey…..the relationships showed the rest.

Why not us? This is the question Russell Wilson asks….and indeed – why not us? Thank you for helping confirm some beliefs I have and use each day with my learning community.



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