Day 88 (of 188) not the same old communities…. #bcedbloggers #ETMN

Day 88 (of 188) not the same old communities…. #bcedbloggers #ETMN

This morning I came across a good reminder that “things ain’t like they used to be” but not in the same old “positive” change that I talk/think about (homework, grading, anxiety, technology, differentiation, etc).  Instead it was an article in the Washington Post referencing that for the first time in 50 years the majority of US students are facing levels of poverty (based on qualifying for free/reduced meals at school)

and “we” in Canada (specifically BC) can’t think this can’t have an impact on us. In our community, we have many 1.5 parent households; that is one parent at home, the other working a couple weeks away, home for a bit. HOWEVER (a fancier word for “but” to emphasize the change) as many of us have noticed, gas prices are lower than they have been in years. Great for us who are commuting to @TEDxLangleyED but not necessarily good for the families who have been working for oil companies:

We are talking a lot about “changing education” to better meet the needs of our learners, and “we” need to be aware that many dynamics may be changing in our communities – and with our families. Especially with more students and families staying ‘in school’ longer – when I graduated 50% of my cohort didn’t (sigh..the ‘good old days’??)….now in BC the average is 85%+ and I know many left school because of financial pressures and/or issues such as anxiety. We will continue to “do better/do different” and keep learners in/attached to schools – but “doing better” doesn’t mean that things get any easier (if it did, everyone would be a teacher!) – but as we blend learning beyond the traditional “school” walls and become Learning Communities every learner (no matter what their age, their talent, or their obstacle) wins – because “just getting a job at the mill” doesn’t mean the same things as it did a few decades ago.

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