Day 74 & 75 (of 188) regarding deadlines

Day 74 & 75 (of 188) regarding deadlines

Bluntly: for me deadlines indicate when the learning stops (becomes “dead”)….usually.

In our schools shift to eportfolios, I have seen the focus of classrooms shift to Learning opportunities instead of “we have to have this unit/learning done by Friday so I can out it on a report card”. It’s a big shift.

Does that mean I don’t support ALL deadlines? No. And this was sparked by a discussion via Twitter – specifically “teaching to a hard and form deadline” – even though most deadlines are “flexible” – sometimes with some ‘costs’ – ranging from those dreaded “report card deadlines” and teachers knowing there was no way the PVPS could read 12 divisions in one night, so one more day…..or an extra weekend…..or…..

Even taxes can be paid late – sometimes with a penalty sometimes without – depending on how many “credits” you’ve earned.

The deadlines I do support are those linked wi competitions – and when students have chosen to take part (or at least start). Currently my class is finishing their entries to a poster contest – and they have to be in the mail by Friday…..or their entry won’t be considered. Finished posters are documented via efolios – and even those “not done” get to show how much progress they managed & communicate impediments (sick, absent, dog ate it etc)

Just sayin’ – if you are setting a deadline….are you sure about “why” it’s needed?

And on “confirmation wednesday”



And then Wednesday night I got another reminder of a ‘deadline’ I’m good with: game time. Practice is practice (I’m more of a fan of practicing than AI was – ) but no matter what, game time is ‘show time’! And the clock doesn’t wait…..


…..unless it’s been rescheduled – even the pros sometimes tweak their schedules and timelines…so of its possible in the “real world”, as @chriswejr so nicely put it:



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