Day 73 (of 188) the return of LOs

Day 73 (of 188) the return of LOs

As learning is ongoing process, I’ve taken advantage of the opportunity to return what I used to call Literacy Centers to what I am now referring as Learning Centers (though since so much falls under the term “literacy” I probably didn’t need to do any rebranding – esp since the abbreviation stays the same!)

Whereas before my focus was on reading/writing, my “new scope” will be more broad allowing a greater range of themes to be part of the 10 minute rotations!

That being said, some of the classics returned:

Making words (by far the best “spelling program” there is – much better than “memorizing a list for a week & then forgetting them”)


The ongoing “write” activity (write for 10 one day and then expand the writing after the brain has a day to percolate)


I also love having a variety of games such as scrabble and boggle


This year I am also adding in some “ongoing” themes like patterns (what I feel math/numeracy is all about)


And as I am a big fan of partner work (optional of course) especially in math I like encouraging the reading-math connection


And as I like how puzzles engage the brain, time to make our own to share!


Looking forward to rolling out more centers in the new year! Toughest is the introduction (curses to the implementation dip)



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