Day 69 (of 188) on dress rehearsals

Day 69 (of 188) on dress rehearsals

Dress rehearsals for contents are almost always ‘rough’. At least every year that one has been on at the school I was at has always had a couple of “issues”.

The nice part is almost always (as one colleague put it) the “show” is almost always inverse to the rehearsal.

And I’m good with that – I “trust the process” and for artsy stuff, that can be difficult for more linear thinkers.

I’m pretty sure that our concert on Thursday will be great. But in full disclosure I’ve had so many ‘great’ concerts – part of me would love to be part of a “disaster” – but our kids always rise to the challenge and I love going through the process each time a school concert is being done!

Two more sleeps!

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