Day 62 (of 188) “In Days” #bcedbloggers

Day 62 (of 188) “In Days”

-18. Depending on wind chill. Sometimes it feels warmer. The kids really need outside time. The adults really need outside time (for kids/for selves) – there is no hard and fast rule.

In rainy areas, kids stay out in weather that would have others running for shelter. Likewise with the cold. I usually default to “be outside unless I’m inside because that means the weather really is rotten”. As principal I usually defer to “whoever is on supervision” because I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to stay outside….

But I think “we” finally got it right (though we will obviously have some parent ‘disputes’) with: the morning weather is our baseline (dress for it!) and if/when the weather gets worse, that will indicate an “in-day” (really rotten morning will still be “in” as well – we’re not two-headed monsters….well most of us aren’t).

I kinda like the formative nature of our rule: we establish a base line an make decisions based on changes! With the focus being: be active outside!

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