Day 61 (of 188) Reflection & Lit Circles via @adriennegear #bcedbloggers

Day 61 (of 188) Reflection & Lit Circles

I had to “find” some resources I was promising to my partner teacher (first time with a “biggish contract”) and it took me some time (when I realized that I transferred, but didn’t copy a file marked “Lit Os”) – and it took me to two nice places to reflect.

The first is my “not so pretty” site hosted by my internet provider – it used to be prettier when I was able to use iWeb and host it via Apples ‘pre-icloud’ called MobileMe – but…c’est la vie! Instead I’ve upgraded to wordpress and been very happy to “host my life” via blogging – so a “glimpse into what was” – 

And then I finally found what I was looking for: LOs (as I’d write it on my visual calendar!) and now it’s earned it’s own section within this blog!

Literature Circles are awesomazing (to quote my son). I take my inspiration from Faye Brownlie and Adrienne Gear – two fabulous BC Educators. Here are some of the activities I have “borrowed” based on their presentations and their books!

LO Character

LO Comparisons

LO Criteria Brainstorming

LO Dialogue Journal

LO Double Journal

LO Hotseat

LO Main Event & Response

LO Setting Circles

LO Text Response

LO Theme

LO What:SoWhat

My Faye Brownlie Notes

FreeStyle LO’s1

FreeStyle LO’s2

FreeStyle LO’s3

LWW Schedule

narnia Lit O  –  a powerpoint showing how I set up my Lit Os

lww novel study lww novel study with read list lww schedule


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