Day 51 (of 188) day one at @bcssa w @HargreavesBC at #bcssabcasbo14

Day 51 (of 188) day one at @bcssa w @HargreavesBC at #bcssabcasbo14

I will always remember the first time I saw Andy Hargreaves. Mainly because he sat next to me during our lunch break! I took advantage of that. Moment to ask him about change based on my history at the school I was then teaching at; he told me what I already kinda knew: I should have changed learning environments the previous year.

I am a strong supporter of his change theory: short stays in chaotic change environments, longer in calmer locations, but knowing there is great value in creating a change to “enhance effectiveness”

Today he was a dual keynote at the @bcssa fall conference in Vancouver talking about Uplifting Leadership (also the title of his latest book)

End Points (starting with the end in mind):

1. Build social capital

2. Leadership first

3. Schools work with schools

4. Collective responsibility before accountability

Two stolen tweets:

Have a vision, have a plan – not a set of performance indicators
Have an inspiring vision and don’t kill it with too many lists, competencies, checklists, etc –

Phase one: how do you start something with nothing?

1. Dreaming with determination….what is your improbable dream? You’ve got to put work behind the dream…!
Gotta know who you are: identity is as important as (if not needed on the path for) achievement

2. Creativity & Counter Flow
– what opportunities have others missed?
– how can you move towards resistance?
– how can greatest weakness become your greatest triumph?
– should you change something that is already succeeding
– what does it mean to innovate in a disciplined way
“Someone has to make the first step”

3. Collaborating with your competitors
Consciously bringing people together to do work collaboratively with a vision!
And “where are you” – what is the next collaborative “work” you need to undertake WITH those you were previously ‘against’

4. Measuring with Meaning
Gather meaningful data in real time that is important to everyone rather than ‘after the fact’
Book: data driven leadership
Q: what do you do to ‘get better’ (hmm sidebar: inclusion of samples of work from other schools that connect to our schools growth plan??)
Pay attention (but don’t over do it) to Vivian Robinson & John Hatley – pay attention to the data but don’t over analyze it.
– measure what you value
– balanced scorecard
– real time data for instant improvement
– shard targets
– judgement & inquiry along with numbers

Eg. If you value mental health (or engagement) how are you showing that?

5. Pushing & Pulling
We are better together than all alone – challenge each other, challenge yourself…
Requires Social capital:
Trust (#1 for a reason)
Collective Responsibility
Mutual Assistance
Professional Networks

From @kstef2: we’re all responsible 4 all students together. (Ubuntu- we are because you are, & since you are, I am)
Grade 2 teachers are still responsible for the learning in G5

6. Sustainable growth
Can’t rely on ‘a’ person so that ‘it’ disappears if ‘he/she’ leaves.


Some fantastic presentations also took place during the day – I saw Jessie Miller @mediatedreality talk about digital citizenship and alluding to the literacy of social media!
I saw Elisa Carlson @emscarlson talk about one of my passion projects, eportfolios. And I even got some neat ideas to steal – including using our eportfolio system to document our school growth plan!
Day one was great and we still have Yong Zhou tomorrow!


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