Day 46 (of 188) remember remember the 5th of November & @calvinandhobbes & #bcedbloggers )

Day 46 (of 188) remember remember the 5th of November

The treason….


The Guy Fawkes connection might be a tad ‘harsh’ (full disclosure: I am a V for Vendetta fan) but he is seen as an image of revolution and specifically questioning the ‘status quo’: in Education, this attack is on report cards, grading, and …. well a lot of the pieces of “our” education as set up back in the 1800s – but really, here’s a picture of a 1903 classroom…


Looks pretty similar to some classrooms I see today; expanding from one room to multi-room learning environments. And while The 5th of November is remembered as the date of a foiled plot, essentially it also represents a time of change: once upon a time school focused on facts & figures because…that’s what was important…..wasn’t it?


And while key skills are as important (I’d argue more important) than ever, there are many other aspects (ie competencies such as creativity communication collaboration etc) that are also being ‘better valued’ and discussed & debated by groups such as #sblchat – after all, the status quo of today was the revolutionary craziness of the past! It’s an exciting time to be in education – what’s your ‘revolutionary cause’? You know you have one!


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