Day 44 (of 188) physical literacy via Calvin & Hobbes #bcedbloggers @laurapaiement

Day 44 (of 188) physical literacy via Calvin & Hobbes


Calvin on the swing set…..I remember this one well (this week I’m theming my posts to Calvin & Hobbes) – I appreciate(d) that need for ‘more time’. The Fins schedule is 45 minutes of learning followed by 15 of play. I like that more.

Seriously – have you considered spending the day in your kids shoes? I’m seriously thinking about seeing if my teachers will let me. I wonder if my kids teachers would let me (I know one would for sure!).

I know “we” (I love my learning community) are being so much more mindful about how we structure breaks – both in terms of physical and play breaks. Because they are different. And while we have the traditional “two recesses” of outside time, it neither ensures physical activity nor free play.

I’m really glad we are now starting the day for our grade 5s with movement. Blending both physical tasks (running, action schools activities, play is the way etc) with “free play”. That’s right – free play. Wanna play floor hockey outside? You bet (I woulda loved that in school – played every chance we could as it was!). Too many people in the gym (today we had 2 classes in)? OK badminton duo can also find an alternate location. It’s about always being moving. Not ‘waiting for a turn’ but always in motion.

I’ve been surprised with the collaboration that also happens – I am able to see how relationships are going, who is coming in ‘unsettled’ and so on. With our school goal on anxiety awareness, seeing more and more of my students who were ‘reluctant’ to come to school having smiles in their face lets me know we are on the right path (photo from today)



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