Day 41 (of 188) fail? Sure…bring it on! via @hembling @bcedbloggers

Day 41 (of 188) fail? Sure…bring it on! via @hembling

Fail a good thing? Definitely – at least in a learning environment that:

a)is identified by all as a ‘safe’ place

b) where risk taking is encouraged

c) where ‘fails’ do not mean an end of learning.

This was reinforced by an article featuring the learners of Kamloops Principal Paul Humbling (a twitter friend!) failing big time: their science projects literally blew up when a rocket recently exploded upon takeoff. Literally not a good thing, but figuratively fabulous: just because something ‘ends’ doesn’t mean the learning stops. In fact, sometimes the learning gets re(or more) focused!

As stated in the article:

Hembling said the project was important because it engaged students.

“We need to engage kids in science to make the learning real for them and to make the learning relevant,” he said.

Thank you Paul. “Fails” aren’t an end to learning – in fact it often can stand for First Attempts In Learning – it is part of the journey to understanding what learning is all about – not merely completing tasks, but blending and learning from individual successes and failures as part of being a life long learner!

As a sidebar: how does this type of learning fit into a report card? I certainly know how I would archive it as part of a learning eportfolio…!


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