Day 35 (of 188) some thoughts connected to Creativity #bcedbloggers

Day 35 (of 188) some thoughts connected to Creativity #bcedbloggers

Today was a busy crazy day that included:

  1. meet the teacher coffee & cookie morning
  2. school photos
  3. grade 2/3 field trip to the pumpkin patch
  4. interviews for a .2 kindergarten job share
  5. technology review planning meeting
  6. daughter needing to get to & from swim team practice
  7. getting to Vancouver for WE Day tomorrow (7:45 educators breakfast will come VERY early)
  8. oh yeah – still have to pack for the week in Vancouver!!

BUT the neat part was how ‘creativity’ kept popping up as a topic as each event unfurls:

  1. I had a few conversations with our parents about some of the things we do ‘different’ (such as eportfolios instead of report cards)
  2. the photographer at our school talked about how she used the ‘mundane-ness’ of school photos to let her imagination flow so that she can be creative on the weekends (and this is an important connection that I can’t emphasize enough: provide time for creative thoughts to percolate and rise to the top – seriously – give time; I model this in some of my Recreational Math activities that are problem-solving in nature that need time to think and rethink and not-realize-youre-thinking-about-it time!)
  3. grade 2/3 field trip included some photography and ‘other’ ways for students to reflect on their experience learning beyond the classroom walls (and an upset bus driver with the number of pumpkins going home in the laps of riders…)
  4. interview candidates get the interview questions the night before so that there are no surprises – a) because we are an anxiety-aware school and going into the unknown can be very stressful and b) it’s not a trick interview – I want quality of thoughts, not quantity/ramblings – and the time (again, needed for creativity to blosom) led to some thoughtful responses that showed the uniquenesses of each candidate!
  5. the tech review coming is going to put many in our school district into ‘uncomfortable’ spaces as we meet our learners ‘where they are and where we all need to be’ in a non-traditional way (as such we have only begun the “lab” discussion – it’s been 10 years and I’m still trying to ‘repurpose’ old computer labs and get the devices where they belong: in the hands of learners in their learning environment (best: classroom or learning commons aka library)
  6. spending time with my youngest is always fun – even on short 1:1 trips that we take to the pool I love hearing her latest ‘plot’ or creation – and the physical exertion that she puts out 2x a week definitely helps her brain with the creative thinking! She is currently wondering if she is a geek because she can identify which car her principal drives (he also coaches swimmers)
  7. making sure my oldest girl is set and ready for her friday at SFU talking about physics with other girls – she is one who can be much more creative with numbers than I can! And an event such as WE Day can be amazingly powerful to creative kids – seeing what others have done with a powerful thought and a lot of work!
  8. the drive (rarely done solo) is always a good opportunity for the brain to put the variety of thinkings into ‘the blender’ and seeing what sticks and what connects. I do sometimes have to stop and make some notes because some quirky idea to a problem suddenly comes into clarity (yes I stop – never text and drive). It’s nice how a regularly-traveled road can enable creativity!

When you wait and look for it – opportunities to be and see creativity are everywhere. Now, back to the drive and on to WE Day!


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Educator in BCs Sunny Shuswap Pushing 'technologization' in education: blending technology and curriculum seamlessly. Advocate for better understanding of Anxiety in Education (and use of self-regulation) Utilizing ePortfolios & Descriptive Feedback
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