Day 27 (of 188) one day at a time – thoughts on @MauiMickey: One Day At A Time #bcedblogger

Day 27 (of 188) one day at a time – thoughts on @MauiMickey: One Day At A Time #bcedbloggers

Today I timed a Twitter check at the right time and had a very positive exchange with @MauiMickey which then led to: One Day At A Time

It was a good reminder that the provincial startup has been “awkward” at best and “normal” at worst. Yes the goal should be opposite, but there has been nothing ‘normal’ about school startup this year and while it might be a lofty goal, it’s not where we are at.

We are entering the Canadian Thanksgiving – a time where most classrooms are hitting their strides….normally…..this year I just hired my partner teacher – a stark reminder that we have just started “week 3”.

Without many educators getting a ‘summer break’ – leaving the vacation/unpaid time debate for others, there wasn’t much of a stress-free time for anyone before “getting things rolling again” (connected anxiety blog forthcoming).

I greatly respect Michelle, love her tweets and really appreciated her blog reminder that we are still needing to go “one day at a time”. We will get to ‘normal’ but whether that’s at a school concert, a pro-d event (shameless plug: myself and @k_timms are talking about ‘disrupting report cards’ at @cuebc at West Vancouver Secondary October 24) spring break or whenever….we aren’t there yet….but we will get there!

Thanks Michelle!


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One Response to Day 27 (of 188) one day at a time – thoughts on @MauiMickey: One Day At A Time #bcedblogger

  1. Thanks for the shout out, Ian. The respect is mutual. One day at a time we will make this year the best it possibly can be even though it has been an awkward start. It’s conversations like ours that will help us refocus and remind us why we do what we do. The kids deserve our best.

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