Day 22 (of 188) finally a chance to teach

Day 22 (of 188) finally a chance to teach

In the midst of “the weirdest school startup ever” and ‘complications’ in getting a teaching partner (as a teaching-principal I have “2 days” worth of classroom time each week”) I finally managed to get in the classrooms with my grade 5s. Which means I get to get things rolling with #geniushour, Self Organized Learning Environments, Recreational Mathematics and Physical Literacy/Free (deep) Play (gotta model some disruptive learning!) and get ready to document learning (not task completion) via our eportfolios! After all…

worksheet memories?


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Educator in BCs Sunny Shuswap Pushing 'technologization' in education: blending technology and curriculum seamlessly. Advocate for better understanding of Anxiety in Education (and use of self-regulation) Utilizing ePortfolios & Descriptive Feedback
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