Day 182 (of 184) #canflip14

Day 182 (of 184) #canflip14

A beautiful day in the gorgeous Okanagan College Atrium – that was my first introduction to hosted by education leaders @math_johnson & @c_durley – a very positive start to our day of learning.


Our keynote was @chemicalsams – the and guy – who clarified that flipped classrooms are not just about video – video is important, but video lecture preview at night and work in class the next day is essentially flipped classroom 101 – a start but not ‘the end’…

His big rant is about how traditionally we have sent the tough/frustrating work home to families that may not have either the expertise for support nor the time to ‘figure it out’ – the model of delivering content at school (few questions) and practicing the hard stuff at home needed to be ‘flipped’.

If those in education-rich households struggle with traditional home-work approaches…how about everyone else…my own father was invaluable with geography English et al, but when I got into algebra/physics I kinda relied on my friends instead (and certainly wouldn’t ask a potentially embarrassing question in the classroom)

Lecture based learning = one size fits all

Time shift (asynchronous) getting info (video/lecture-ish/content) and maximize face to face time!

Key remembering:
Two ways of learning: information transfer (one person to another) and by discovery.
You don’t start with a video, you start with a question.

So even though ‘the flipped classroom’ is the catch phrase, it’s more about flipped learning.

Meet the needs of your students and do it well! Great way to end the keynote and start the discussions about further flipping classrooms…schools…learning!

Useful apps via @teacheramiller
Goodnotes – even works via iCloud -ooooh. Might replace notability for me…

Doceri – for presenting a lesson; an interactive whiteboard

iTunesU – putting course/class online

Mirroring screens

Usual: iMovie GarageBand Keynote pages

Coach’s Eye – great for coaching

Myscript calculator


Magicplan (floor plans)


Screencast (explaineverything or screen chomp)

My tweet: some very enticing apps being introduced via @teacheramiller at #canflip14 -can’ wait for classes to start up again!


Then in the atrium I was told about vyclone – a video synching app for movie making. Very relevant to my current class!


Key elements coming from a panel of flipped classroom experts:

@chemicalsams @Math_Johnson @c_durley @LS_Karl @teacheramiller @hark07

-takes time to get done (no surprises)
-always options to overcome tech gap (desktops in school; movies on DVD etc)
-frequent checkins are key (aka the feedback loop) to tweak champs almighty the way
-tricky for those kids who go ‘just tell me what you want me to know/say’
-doing different leads to more different work: assessment shifts to mastery & #sblchat
-benefit of ownership: curating resources: video lectures, textbook, etc -> students find what works for them : a learning buffet! (w standards & targets)
-asynchronous nature can be helpful: videos at night, morning – when best students
– go slow – try one class/course at a time
– try a lesson, then a unit, then a class, then more…!
– don’t do it by yourself: work smarter not harder and team it up
– doesn’t solve all problems – not ‘the’ mythical silver bullet for education

The rest of my afternoon was on eportfolios – specific blog coming tomorrow! And then I’m presenting on ‘the disruptive classroom’ – the PDF sampler will be available at:


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Principaling on the Pacific in Powell River BC Pushing 'technologization' in education: blending technology and curriculum seamlessly. Advocate for better understanding of Anxiety in Education (and use of self-regulation) Utilizing ePortfolios & Descriptive Feedback to personalize learning!
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  1. terrilynr says:

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    I have the greatest difficulty using iMovie as an app option for students. I look forward to reviewing your remaining notes. Thanks for the post.

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