Day 180 (of 184) getting ready for #canflip14

Day 180 (of 184) getting ready for #canflip14

I was happy to learn that Kelowna’s “Flipped Classroom” conference was going ahead this Thursday and Friday. I was happy because with the current BC Teachers Strike going through its first week, there were questions about whether or not many of us would be able to go. But I got the go ahead from my district and I am excited to head down and share some of the work my school has done on the “disruptive classroom”, specifically:

#geniushour – aka 20% time; passion projects; wonder time; etc – something I have done for almost a decade but really only better understood more recently. For example:

and SOLE – inspired by Sugata Mitra’s work on “the hole in the wall” and “classroom in the clouds”, this year I challenged myself and my students to explore Self Organized Learning Environments. It was a fabulous journey:

…….there may even be time for me to share some of my own ‘geniushour’ time!

But I don’t intend to lead a lecture. The whole concept of “flipped classrooms” to me has been to “educate differently”. While there will be some guiding on my part, I am working hard to build in focused thinking and discussion times (and activities). As usual I am nervous about the hour-fifteen timeframe as right now it seems such a long time, but I know that once we get going, the time should fly – ’cause that’s what happens on our #geniushour and SOLE times – that lunch bell always sneaks up on us!!

Even better will be seeing some leading educators from around our province that I’ve met via twitter and now am looking forward to some face-to-face time! Because asynchronous & video conversations are great, but you can’t beat meeting those who inspire “live in person” (which is why I’m now working on figuring out a way to get to Arkansas – great inspiration from that state in recent months!) and add on to an ever growing PLN!


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