Day 179 (of 184) Books for ShortCourse sharing @bcpvpa

Day 179 (of 184) Books for summer sharing at BCPVPAs ShortCourse

Each summer our provincial organization ( @BCPVPA ) in association with UBC hosts ShortCourse: a week long, very intensive and very fun, professional development/networking/coaching experience. I still have fond memories of going after my first year as a VP and sharing how I was a full-time VP in a school with a full-time counsellor, a full-time learning resource teacher, a full time ESD teacher, and 160 kids in the school (it took a few seconds for some to envision such a learning community…) and now I am preparing to return for my second time as a facilitator! Having had a very positive, influential and supporter as my own mentor who helped me first extend my PLN, I hope to support the cohorts I work with in a very similar manner.
So here’s my quandary: to bring a selection of books to share as a nice-breaker activity this summer….not that titles are an issue but my evolving library is becoming more and more digital…
So now I’m digging through my collection to find some ‘older’ books and books not (yet) found electronically…such as:
How to Grade For Learning by Ken O’Connor – ‘the’ book to move away from traditional scoring of learning and towards standards (and for me a big push to descriptive feedback)
Enhancing Professional Practice by Charlotte Danielson – a book passed on to me by a colleague who has since ascended to superintendency but liked the books rubrics that enable discussions around ‘levels of performance’ and some ways to start some good conversations.
Disrupting Class by Clayton M. Christensen – the book that opened my eyes to ‘positive disruptions’ something I was already doing but on a smaller scale than what I ‘realized’ was possible.
Good Questions for Math Teaching by Peter Sullivan and Pat Lilburn (and a companion book for older learners by Lainie as hustler & Nancy Canavan Anderson) which totally deconstructs questions to get learners thinking math, not just doing tasks! Also a bit of the inspiration to my trying out Recreational Mathematics:
inevitable by Charles Schwann & Beatrice McGarvey – building off ‘disruptions’ and talking about …. Well, from the back cover: Let’s stop tinkering with the current Industrial Age delivery system of schools. Let’s leapfrog it!
Spirals of Inquiry by BCs very own Judy Halbert & Linda Kaser (in association with the BCPVPA) which is a framework for grassroots inquiry projects and what leaders need to do (might not be what some want to do – and there is a difference!)
And darned if I can’t find my copy of Ken O’Connors “15 Fixes” which is a fabulous conversation (debate/argument) starter – hope I can remember who I leant my last copy to…
Probably the same person I leant my “Teach Like a Pirate” (#tlap) by Dave Burgess to – really want that copy to share out!
So many to choose from! I can hardly wait to share out and learn which books inspired the educational leaders I get to work with in  a couple weeks!
And if there are other books that you think new PVPs should read, tweet me: @technolandy

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Educator in BCs Sunny Shuswap Pushing 'technologization' in education: blending technology and curriculum seamlessly. Advocate for better understanding of Anxiety in Education (and use of self-regulation) Utilizing ePortfolios & Descriptive Feedback
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