Day 175 (of 184) classroom design

Day 175 (of 184) classroom design

It’s always tough getting set for the new school year …. maybe it’s better to say its harder to let go of the current year …. either way, the end-of-year moving of rooms usually leads to many discussions about classroom design and theme.

I’ll admit to being a bit of a minimalist in the classroom. I’ve been teased it’s because of laziness, but honestly it’s about letting the class have ownership about what goes up and where it should be. I’ve always done that in part to help out the students I’ve worked with that don’t do well with distractions (specifically aspergers, fetal-alcohol, and anxiety students) and have done well when they have ownership of why things are where they are in he room.

And then I got a great supportive article from a friend of mine:
Which supported the learning we did at the start of the year with our Interior Health Liason-Goddess Laura P who set up a model classroom that emphasized ‘less is more’. I’m not quite as ‘bland’ as the photo, but definitely supports how less can be more!

This year has been very re-affirming for many of the strategies I used when setting up my room. Next will be looking at the lighting in my classroom! (Unless I get distracted by the lake view!)



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