Day 168 (of 184) school theme songs

Day 168 (of 184) school theme songs

Today a song came on the radio and I needed to change the channel.

It was a song that I very closely associated with a school that I was very emotionally connected with. A true inner city school with a population of 160 of which there were 5 that I wasn’t greatly thinking about (the wake up at 2 in the morning kind of concern). As tough as it was, they responded amazingly to the ‘Mont-In-Review videos’ that we would show at our monthly assemblies. And the moment that brought tears to our eyes was when we heard the students calmly singing along with Owl City’s Fireflies. It really became ‘the’ theme song that reminds many of us of the two years we were there and the positive culture that was evolving. But there was a cost – and the song still makes me think about that school, that neighbourhood, and all the people that made up that learning community.

You can’t force a song. It just ‘happens’ the year that “Moves like Jagger” made it big, it connected with a number of students doing an annual Terry Fox run – what I thought would be a one-hit-wonder (a song that is just on one of our Month-In-Reviews) but instead it kept coming up and the students kept singing along with the tune! Unlike “the Harlem Shake” which had a good two month run but did not stand the test of time.

But I still remember “Another Brick in the Wall” as a teacher air band performance (“I don’t feel like dancing” by sister sledge has a similar connection) but I can still taste the ‘pie in the face’ I received by my loving colleagues before I left that school/home for a new challenge whenever I hear that refrain ‘hey teacher – leave them kids alone’ (Glad as the school media-guy I’m pretty sure I have the only copies!).

Sometimes a ‘theme song’ is great – I will always connect “What makes you Beautiful” with my current school working on no flash mob scene for our community Canada Day parade. Similarly how quickly the students learned (on their own) the words to “What does the fox say”. I like it when a song comes on the radio and it makes me think of my learning communities.

Music does have its critics though. I did have a parent request no more Miley Cyrus because of her antics – the parent preferred artists like Bob Marley and Johnny Cash …. (and as Forrest Gump said: that’s all I have to say about that…)

So, a June challenge: what is your schools ‘theme song’ for this school year? Lego Movies “Everything is awesome” or current hit “Happy”? Maybe a classic “Horse with no name”? Each year is different, and good or bad, what is this years tune?

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