Day 165 (of 184) time. A fleeting commodity

Day 165 (of 184) time. A fleeting commodity

Today our school was impacted by the rotating school closures that have been part of BC Job Action. A lost day (and possibly more lost times) made me reflect on how our learning days really do get impacted by pressure on ….. time. (and in this case with BC teachers being partially locked out which is impacting volunteer time so I’m just going to focus on ‘bell to bell’).

Firstly I am very happy that we are not impacted by ‘high stakes testing’. In fact we are not being burdened by report card creation as we are piloting eportfolio communication of learning. So instead of feeling the angst of bundling a bunch of end-of-session assessments, we continue to use formative assessment as we model how learning never really ‘ends’.

However, I did spend a bit of time today thinking and working on the upcoming Track & Field event which may or may not be occurring next week. But I know that tomorrow and Friday I will be doing final run-throughs of some events to confirm our top one or two athletes to represent our school (at their choosing and desire to be in a district competition). I should also mention that I am adding the T&F portfolio to my assignment so I need to spend an extra day with the current organizer to learn what I need to learn to continue the event next year! 4 days are being impacted by this, with two of them being full days.

We also have the BC Dairy foundation bring a cow to our school next week – they came last year and enjoyed our school so much that they wanted to come again (in small part to have their new leaders work with our students before continuing around the region). Hopefully that’s next Monday. Oooh – same day I’m supposed to be setting up the track…

We also have a Welcome To Kindergarten event scheduled that has our specialist teachers working with our kindergarten teachers to pre-load new parents and students about what to be ready for next year. I’d help but I teach that day….

Then we have gymnastics coming to our school for our daily PE blocks for the next couple of Thursday/Fridays. Well…except for our grade 5s going for a tour of the middle school…

Then the salmon our school has been raising this year get released….hopefully we get to go (job action) because the society ( ) that hosts this has been doing amazing work for years (I used to go when teaching in a neighbouring school district) and having just survived a landslide ( )we want to show them our support for continuing their valuable work!

And our parents are arranging a two-night camping trip for our grade 5s before they move to the middle school. That will have an impact on our days…

Then there’s our traditional ‘spring concert’. And our talent show (Sorrentos Got Talent – last two afternoons of June: kids have 90 seconds to show their skills!) that has a lot of fun (no awards). Oh and waterslide day. We are a school that ‘travels well’ so I support field trips such as our whole-school event doing winter tube-town days.

Yet this does not include some of the full-day field trips that have been cancelled due to the job action (last years visit to the Kamloops Wildlife Park was a success….) and what should be our Fun Day on the last Monday (with lots of I scheduled time to give our learners opportunities to figure out ‘what they can do when they don’t know what to do’).

And we have interruptions to our school days every month. And we have a number of students who go away for several week-long family vacations (my no homework policy still applies: ) throughout the year.

And there are always things that ‘pop up’ to take up our time….I think I need to do some re looking at our calendar to minimize the ‘interruptions’ and ‘add-ones’ and ‘vacation trips’ that impact our school days….need more days with full day attendance.

Always work to do!

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Principaling on the Pacific in Powell River BC Pushing 'technologization' in education: blending technology and curriculum seamlessly. Advocate for better understanding of Anxiety in Education (and use of self-regulation) Utilizing ePortfolios & Descriptive Feedback to personalize learning!
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