Day 161 (of 184) Physical Literacy: Deep Play

Day 161 (of 184) Physical Literacy: Deep Play

Always good to put Pro-D thinking into action! Friday we did a session on Physical Literacy (blogged about it on Day 159); today I had the opportunity to have the boys in my class have “free time” in gym and achieve “deep play” – takes 45 minutes + to reach that level, and they can’t know that there is an ‘end’ coming – no recess bell + family life going loooong enabled a very interesting (and informative) session on the importance of ‘choice’ and ‘play’ in physical literacy.

In terms of ‘educationalness’ of this time:

I was able to see students use PE equipment in a variety of ways

Students modelled fair play

Students used conflict resolution strategies (without me interfering, but watching from the side)

Students practiced self-regulation strategies to reset when things got frustrating (ie one boy was frustrated when others laughed when he was ‘out’ in a game, and it took a while for him to connect that it was okay when he was a laugher…)

They got their heart rates up and started breathing hard and that led them to a very successful time in the classroom afterwards


I know that gym times can be a struggle, but the more we ‘play with play’, the more we are seeing students succeed social-emotionally and academically.

I also see ALL students breaking a sweat: ‘downtime’ seems to be exclusively when students need to catch their breath (or work through frustration…) and then they get back and get moving – more than I’ve seen during other ‘structured’ PE lessons that I’ve used….more movement, more play, more imagination, more engagement…working for me!

As an example for ‘playtime’:–social-emotional/?utm_content=buffer2cdd5&utm_medium=social&

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