Day 158 (of 184) It takes a team

Day 158 (of 184) It takes a team

No school is an island. No principal should feel alone. No teacher should feel isolated. And students should see this…

Today I got to work on my ‘part of a team’ skills.

With a #83learns Cross Country Run taking place right before a Professional Development Day and a long weekend meaning no more students until Tuesday….I knew there would be some challenges.

Teachers were stressed when we realized late last night that I forgot the pop-up shelter to set up for the runners. There were also a couple of parent-drivers who had something pop up. And, surprise surprise, anxiety popping up everywhere. (If you haven’t seen my blunt approach to anxiety:

Fortunately, a quick drive into town had me set up our shelter and help set up two other schools shade in anticipation of our first ‘hot’ day (they can be a little challenging by oneself but doable!)

ANXIETY ALERT: a text came in alerting me to one of my anxious learners at school: after stressing about when the meeting for the Run would be every five minutes (it would be at lunch) his exercise ball/chair popped on him. Anxious kids LOVE change to routine and sudden surprises (really wish there was a sarcasm font). Got him into my office to do some self-regulation with some “Lego Architecture” —> totally buying some more, it has been an amazing intervention. Thank goodness the team-at-school was able to get him refocused.

Then came the realization that with a few of our parent-drivers not being available, I would need to get a couple kids to the event and back to school —> normally not a problem, but in BC we are experiencing job action that means I can’t have teachers providing after school supervision….. thank goodness that the “TEAM” approach is very strong and vibrant in my district – our Superintendent @gborthis stepped up and covered the end of the day and ensuring all students were on the bus while I dropped off some learners at their stops. Whew.

ANXIETY ALERT: my son (after a weeklong “wellness fair” at his school – no regular routine, success only managed by having a 1:1 contact to keep him on track) managed to evade his usual support network and be CONvincing that he was sick and needed to go home…..or as I found out when I saw his resource/support/etc teacher at the Run he was very anxious about the drumming workshop and (as I suspected) the closing ceremonies after HATING the opening event. I only made the call to run him home because his support network was not available at the end of a very ‘different’ week. But I did give him a reminder of my “rule #1”: you gotta see the vomit. I use this rule with a number of students I work with – they are at school every day. But again, no “one” person is working on this issue: family and a team of education professionals – no one person can take on a challenge like General Anxiety Disorder.

Then I got a helpful ‘barometer’ test from a friend/colleague of mine @robcadden who gave me some good feedback about my ongoing blog series & the tweets I am using to communicate ‘what is going on’. It is sometimes nice to get that face-to-face ‘attaboy’ when there are times that you are closer to admins in Arkansas than the schools down the roads (@daisydyerduerr @sabrapro @jennGRoach @bethhill2829 among so many others)

There is no way I could have gotten through today with out a very strong Professional Learning Network – including some AMAZING work by the staff within @sorrento83 including @msd who make everything “work” whether I am there or not – a true cast of leaders modelling shared leadership to our entire learning community.

And the best part is, tomorrow there will be another team from my PLN providing a variety of supports! That’s what makes “Follow Friday” such a hard hashtag for me to post to – such a powerful team supporting my learning journey! Thank you!


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Educator in BCs Sunny Shuswap Pushing 'technologization' in education: blending technology and curriculum seamlessly. Advocate for better understanding of Anxiety in Education (and use of self-regulation) Utilizing ePortfolios & Descriptive Feedback
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One Response to Day 158 (of 184) It takes a team

  1. Rob Cadden says:

    Our district is fortunate to have you as a leader, a parent, and community member. Keep up the amazing work! Rob

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