Day 153 (of 184) twitter # chats and PLNs

Day 153 (of 184) twitter # chats and PLNs

I am a big fan of how twitter has expanded my Professional Learning Network. Without question, the interconnectivity and networking that allows enables like-minded educators to share ideas and provide support – both moral and literal.

The ‘no borders-ness’ of twitter is powerful. Being in British Columbia, connecting with educators across Canada and into the United States was once limited to attending conferences in different zip/postal codes. But now, each day can easily take you around the world – and best of all, recommend other twitterers to each other…

Thursday night, I recommended a few of the many amazing BC education experts to one of my favourite #chats – #arkedchat – and one of ‘my’ PLN was curious what it stood for (and I agree that it easy to lose track of what stands for which). But sharing that the chat group is from Arkansas helped me reflect on how timezones and distance are becoming more and more meaningless.

And on twitter, I shared out a site that has MANY of the Education #hashtag conversations:
and realized that many of my favourites were missed!

So, if you’re interested, here is my ‘usual’ routine for checking in (and sometimes participating) on twitter chats…

Sunday: #nbtchat (5pm pst) “No Box Thinking”
#bcedchat (7pm pst) “BC Educators”

Monday: #tlap (6pm pst) Teach Like A Pirate – great book, great chat!

Tuesday: #edchat (4:00pst) I admit this is often too early for anything but a ‘pop-in’, but…sometimes the topics are very interesting!

Wednesday: #sblchat (6pm pst) Standards Based Learning – an amazing time to sometimes even chat with the Grade Doctor Ken O’Connor!!

Thursday: #arkedchat (6pm pst)
#geniushour – 1st thursday at 6pm pst

Friday: #satchatoc (5pm pst) just stumbled upon this one – and realized that Saturday Chats do start a bit earlier on the other side of the International Date Line!

Saturday: #satchatwc (7:30 am pst) ugh – but when I can’t sleep in… and Saturday Chat West Coast is better than #satchat which starts 3 hours earlier….east coast bias….

I admit that I can’t make every chat, and I do power down once in a while! But there are some fabulous ideas and ‘crowd sourcing’ that can occur during these chats, and I find that the chats can be very stimulating and help ‘wake me up’ on those afternoon/evenings when the couch looks SOOOO tempting!

Best of all, new #chats are starting all the time – and I’ve stumbled upon some that I found very interesting but darned if I can remember their #handles – thank goodness that they keep popping up!

Next for me has to be trying to help moderate one (I’ve been thinking about leading a #bcedchat on anxiety in education – a very strong passion of mine) and staring to find a good time for a very local “chat” and getting more and more of #83learns involved in online discussions about education!

I’ve had a few ‘newbies’ ask how to ‘get involved’ and my best advice: be a troll and watch & read for a bit, and then ‘dive in’ – the best times are when the ‘side chats’ via ‘notification’ take conversations in very different directions – thank you to all the moderators who keep posting the questions to help us get re-set and moving forward!

#83chat – coming soon!

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Educator in BCs Sunny Shuswap Pushing 'technologization' in education: blending technology and curriculum seamlessly. Advocate for better understanding of Anxiety in Education (and use of self-regulation) Utilizing ePortfolios & Descriptive Feedback
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