Day 143 (of 184) the miracle of life; aka our school the farm

Day 143 (of 184) the miracle of life; aka our school the farm

Throw away the lesson plans and day plan. Our kindergarten class hosted the most disruptive disruptor today. Ironically on ‘Go to the Farm Day’, their incubator with 8 chicken eggs had two hatch – one to start the day, the second to welcome them back on the field trip.

Our salmon hatchery has been popular – but its presence in the hallway has been a long standing tradition – the growing of the fish as we prepare to release them at Kingfisher ( )
has been watched with progress seen on a daily basis. Chickens are different because the eggs are….eggs until the first crack appears. Yesterday the first crack, today the first chick. Then a second chick emerged.

That was the focus of our youngest learners: what is the baby chick doing….right up until their field trip to a local farm: Romyn Hill Dairy and its cool robotic supports:
a full day excursion that brought everybody back to school ready for …. a nap. But the sight of a second chick gave everybody renewed energy.

So of course my key learning for today while it might be around not being able to prepare for the unexpected, is instead connecting learning to what is seen. Sometimes we can see the learning and growing proceeding at regular intervals – like the salmon from eggs to alevins to fry – all at a predictable rate and speed. Sometimes you only see ‘the final product’ – the chick that breaks through its shell, not at the same time as the others, and not showing all the stages of growth that occurred ‘behind the shell’.

But whether it’s the release of the chicks back to a local farm, or the salmon into the Shuswap river, or preparing to send our students off to ‘the next grade’ – a lot of work and growth goes on behind the scenes as well as ‘in public view’. And yes, sometimes they all cause very well day plans to be ‘recycled’ for another day, because important learning happens whether you are ready for it or not!


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