Day 140 (of 184) physical literacy via @basketballbc

Day 140 (of 184) physical literacy via @basketballbc

As school ended for Easter long weekend – an emphasis on sports took over via a variety of @basketballbc events which connected to our school goals:

First was a zone team practice for my daughter: here I saw great examples of descriptive feedback for learner/athletes who were extremely intrinsically motivated. It also made me think about differentiation: not everyone needs that same level of intensity – neither in athletics nor academics. For some a ‘recreational’ interest/emphasis is plenty enough. And for some, no amount of external pressure nor awards will create a love for the activity. My takeaway is to take a better look at the difference of providing learners with an appreciation for topic while also supporting the passion others have for it. Differentiation in other words.

Secondly at a tournament in Langley where we saw the importance of working as a team. I heard lots of coaches pre- and post-game speeches throughout the halls. The emphasis on working as a team because it is so hard (darn near impossible) to succeed by oneself needs to be better applied to academic learning where groups can help individuals shine. It also made me reflect back to the Olympics where even “individual” sports such as speed skating saw a difference: the US team worked and trained as individuals whereas the Dutch team worked together. The results were Dutch dominance because of their working collectively. As I like to refer to it: collaboratively personalizing education.

As one of the repeated messages at the basketballbc event said: Physical Literacy gives kids the competency and confidence to be active in life. My add-on: and in their life-long learning.

Thirdly was that there were consistent references and messages about the value of physical literacy – including a plug for the aptly named website:
But also the reference that for the past ten years 100% of the provincial teams have gone on to post secondary. The emphasis on the value of blending physical and academic learning is so important to remember: also why it is an emerging school goal at our school where we are so cognizant of anxiety & self-regulation.

I like the statement I saw repeated throughout the tournament: Start smart – finish strong.


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