Day 138 (of 184) the little things

Day 138 (of 184) the little things

From tooth fairy letters to thank you cards & gifts. I’m not always good at sending things – an area I continue I work on and get amazing modelling about.

Today my teaching partner thanked me for arranging our teaching schedule so that she was able to complete her practicum requirement for her Masters degree. It was an easy decision because, as I told my colleagues, she’s worth it. But I wonder if I could have handled tweaking our schedule before we had a year working together…..knowing myself … probably, but it may not have been so “easy”. But it was still hard to accept her thanks for something that I felt “I should just do”.

@chriswejr wrote a letter to the tooth fairy on behalf of one of his students who lost a tooth. It made a big impact in the news, but one of the teachers on my staff was confused pondering “isn’t that just what we all do anyways?” She is mindful of the ‘little things’ and struggles sometimes with “why would we not do that”. She wondered why the media was making such a big deal (and I commented how much I appreciated Wejr providing me with a perfect template should one of my students lose -and not find- a tooth) when “we should just do it”.

For me the key reminder is that the big things are made up of lots of little things. Our learning community would not be as supportive as it is if we relied on “one person” to do everything – it would be too many big things for any one person…but with a community supporting each other…much easier to “just do the things we should do”…


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