Day 134 (of 184) “Research”

Day 134 (of 184) “Research”

I loved it today when one of the girls in class came up to me as we were doing a quick mapping exercise (90 second sketch of a map of Canada – what do you see if/when you close your eyes) and asked if we were allowed to (and she did use finger quotes) “research” to help get answers….

It’s my own fault. And Sugata Mitra (@sugatam)’s as well. My class enjoys our SOLE (Self Organized Learning Environments) that came via his Ted Talk and his Hole in the Wall project. Specifically they love his use of the term “research” which includes looking over the shoulders of classmates, exploring online, doing ….. “whatever” in order to gain knowledge and more importantly, to share knowledge. One thing I have seen since I started doing SOLEs on Wednesday is the ‘competition’ factor has greatly decreased – especially when working on things that aren’t necessarily ‘black & white’. The drive to be ‘the one’ with a right answer isn’t nearly as important as being ‘one of many’ with a question about the question, or at least being willing to share out information that may help ‘the rest of the class’ – or more apt, the learning community.

For me it was a moment to stop and smile – a member of our learning community wasn’t afraid to say/show that she didn’t know – she had an inkling of an idea, but knew she needed a bit of a push to finish. It was also great to see an idea that we have used extensively during our SOLE time was now being used outside of that part of the timetable – a strategy that was found to be effective was being used….by the learners.

That open ended pursuit was able to continue at the closing of the lesson when we talked a bit about the names of provinces and I shared out that Nunavut was not the ‘first name’ that was voted on in a ‘name the territory’ event…..I’d share out, but there are some pencils waiting for those who tell me the ‘alternate name’ after they do a variety of more…..research!

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