Day 130 (of 184) coaching family. Sigh

Day 130 (of 184) coaching family. Sigh

Tonight was the first night of coaching my daughter. To be fair I’ve also coached my kids in little-league soccer, but not in environments where skill matters and scores count. It’s not easy.

But now comes the mind shift.

I’m not the educator who would do well with my own kids in my classroom. I know this because: a) they tune out (and sometimes mock me) when I use my ‘principal voice’ – which apparently is also my coaching voice…. and b) I want them to experience a range of educators beyond myself – I get them enough at home!

Which is why I’ve always been conflicted about the mindset and mind shift of coaching my own kids…. I’ve done a fair bit of coaching, but mainly I’ve coached senior boys football and senior girls basketball…..and my kids have been on the periphery providing support….but now they’re at the age where my coaching and their playing is starting to blend a lot more….

Mindset is important. Especially with changing paradigms.

I will do my best to treat my daughter as I would any other player (despite her assertion that I kept calling out-of-bounds calls for the other team because of her) and continue what I always try to do: instil a solid set of skills and strategies along with an enjoyment of the sport along with an increasing appetite to want to do ones best both in practice and in the game.

Best of all: I get to continue to model descriptive feedback because telling a grade 8 girl that her layup is a 4/10 doesn’t tell her what she needs to do different in order to consistently put the ball through the basket!

sidebar: even better was at the end of practice which I thought may have been a bit ‘light’ as I was re-finding my rhythm of coaching basketball (and specifically girls) I got a big ‘thank you’ from one of my daughters friend because among other things ‘she got a good workout’ – the feedback loop: it goes both ways….or is that in all ways?


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