Day 117 (of 184) paradigm shift – innovative disruptions are coming…

Day 117 (of 184) paradigm shift – innovative disruptions are coming…

Today #83learns had a discussion with itself and with representatives from the ministry of education as we prepare to embrace (?) the shift coming as BC shifts from a content focused curriculum to concept-based curriculum.

We talked a lot about the needed mind shift: “it” used to be content at centre –> now learner at centre with competencies (Thinking – both creative & critical; Communicating; and Social Personal) driving this shift.

As a district we then shared some ‘disruptions’ occurring within our district. Today’s sharing included AL Fortune sharing it’s revamped timetable. Eagle River shared its flexible multi-tiered schedule (linear, semester, and copernican) to provide a great variety of courses to its learning community. Len Wood Middle shared its award winning X-block strategy (of which can be seen at both ALF & ERS) via
and of course @sorrento83 work on eportfolios:

Slide One: Emphasized the discussions we have had around Report Card “Satisfaction” – feeling we have been spending too many hours on summarizing assessment to put onto Report Cards when majority of learning day centres around formative assessment

Slide two: connecting our work with like minded people, and #chats that support a shift away from report cards

Slide three: and connected our work as not being in isolation as other school districts in BC are looking at removing letter grades as their ‘first steps’

Slide four: Not a change for The sake of change But an evolution Of reportingAfter 100+ years of (and then I had a picture of an old report card….or was it really ‘that’ old…)

Slide five: after the transition of the keynote had the report card burst into flames, From reporting student achievement
Communicating student learning

Slide six: I then made a reference to the old joke about “a principal goes to a conference, comes back, and everything changes”. The key difference is that I was a presenter and it was another twitter educator @k_timms who shared that his school was given permission to pilot some explorations into eportfolios. We followed their lead and brought the concept into the Shuswap.

Slide seven: we then shared our key/first questions about which would do a better job communicating learning via:
Personalized learning (differentiated) journey
Student strengths (specialties)
Non traditional work (#geniushour)
What learners are actually doing… esp those working at ‘different grade levels’
And…the core competencies

Slide eight: we shared our first looks at a variety of methodologies including Evernote, PowerPoint, keynote, and a few others (as our discussions got side tracked by the investigation of ‘how’) until….

Slide nine: after several well timed phone calls to me, some provincial experts contacted me (including @k_timms and @darcymullin ) who had made similar discoveries of a kelowna company: @freshgrade
We liked its ease for users, it’s multi platform accessibility and that it was in beta, so as we were learning we could be part of a bigger feedback loop

Slide ten: through this process of discovery, I have been most proud of some of the questions being talked about down the hallway:
Are students reading at grade level?
Do we show (video/audio) individual students learning such as reading: at an independent level, instructional level (showing students using their strategies) or both? Or…?

Slide eleven: and acknowledging that:
A year from now we will look back and laugh at some of our first thoughts and efforts.
But we are glad to be on the journey

And slide twelve: that we are, and will be continuing conversations with our learning community.

As we approach spring break and the usual ‘report card handout time’ some of our adults are getting nervous about what is coming. A few parents are wondering if ‘traditional report cards’ may still be available….this is the reason for upcoming discussion because as we explore “communicating student learning” instead of ‘reporting student achievement’ it is a door that once you go through, it would be very difficult to ‘back up’…..

More to follow!

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Educator in BCs Sunny Shuswap Pushing 'technologization' in education: blending technology and curriculum seamlessly. Advocate for better understanding of Anxiety in Education (and use of self-regulation) Utilizing ePortfolios & Descriptive Feedback
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One Response to Day 117 (of 184) paradigm shift – innovative disruptions are coming…

  1. darcymullin says:

    Looking forward to hearing more about how the e-portfolio goes. I was talking about it today…can’t wait to hear how it goes. Good luck!!

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