Day 105 (of 184) ‘Dr Outing’ (or how I learned to stop worrying and love the field trip)

Day 105 (of 184) ‘Dr Outing’ (or how I learned to stop worrying and love the field trip)

What’s the worst that could happen on a field trip?

I still remember my ‘field trip of doom’. A tour of the Vernon Law Courts (year 3) followed by a lunch at a restaurant and a dip in the pool before the 1/2 hour bus ride back. Well, lunch was a home run and swimming was great as usual, but…

Imagine if you will arriving at the law courts (30ish minute bus ride from my school) and after waiting for a bunch of minutes finding out my (very reliable) guide was sick – but called the school to late to catch us on the bus. I had my cell phone, but at the time most of the highway could only be reached by a CRM-114.

No problem, I can adapt.
But the library was already being visited by another school.
So was the museum.
One art gallery was happy to let us sit and snack, but a high school art class was on its way.
After another 1/2 hour of walking we got to ‘the other’ art gallery and found it locked. My 3 mom-helpers couldn’t stop laughing at this point. My wife brought some timbits to keep up morale.
And we walked back into town – somewhat defeated but thinking maybe we could hide out & do something to pass the hour at the rec center before our lunch would be ready.
And then it happened…
On our slow walk through town, one of my little darlings asked if she could stop and say hi to her dad. At his pet shop.
I’m sure you can guess the rest: the reptiles the kittens the chinchilla and more made it ‘the best field trip ever’.

The best laid plan o’ mice and men…and according to all reports everybody slept very soundly (as if find we always do after these adventures away from the classroom!)

So I do cringe when we talk ‘field trips’ but for the second year in a row we have all bundled up, hopped on a couple buses and headed for a day of tubing on a ski mountain. In part because our school ‘travels well’ and is very respectful and polite and patient.

Also because I have a very strong staff that I know I can rely on for support if something bad happens (snow disappears or something like that!) and ensure we don’t suffer from a ‘field trip gap’ compared to other schools

Best of all: the multi-age groupings on the tubes sailing down the hill. The teachers being dared to race their students. Me flying down waving my hat like a cowboy. And the parents that come to watch and get convinced to join in – some grudgingly, some with great enthusiasm – but all as part of our learning community! And once again, I know that everybody is going to bed early! Yahoooo!

Bonus: email me connections I made to Dr Strangelove ( top ‘connectors’ will receive a education themed book in the mail (as long as you include a mailing address – preferably your school!)


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