Day 104 (of 184) never too old (or young) to make a connections in a culture of ‘yes’

Day 104 (of 184) never too old (or young) to make a connections in a culture of ‘yes’

Today our school in Sorrento was visited by our local-ish hockey team, the BCHLs Salmon Arm Silverbacks – and it was a great learning opportunity for everyone irregardless of age!

And this is why we are re establishing ourselves as a learning community (expanding the sphere of a ‘school’) and welcome guests whenever they offer to come!

It would have been easy for the hockey team to have stayed closer to home – but they self admitted that they see the entire school district/region to be part of their community and want to connect with all parts.

The players could not have represented the team any better. They went into each classroom and talked about their journey as student athletes and taking a flood of questions! Remembering what it was like to be a student and having role models come visit them and paying the favour forward.

And then things got wild!

We decided to play a bit of shinny (a pickup hockey game) students vs silverbacks. What was meant to be a 5 minute bit of fun elaborated itself into a 20 minute series of quick shifts, smiles, cheers – by both school students and hockey players!

And then the connection got confirmed: turns out one of the players used to attend @sorrento83 and two of his teachers still work here! A photo-op later and memories are etched for a lifetime!

That is why I try to always say ‘yes’. Learning and amazing opportunities to make connection and strengthen relationships come out of then most amazing (and often unexpected) places!

It’s also why I’m so glad to have a supportive & adaptive staff (that I believe also appreciate the ‘culture of yes’ I am working on!) that support me and bring forth their own initiatives to enhance what happens in our learning community!! If we said “no we can’t” we would be missing out on too many memory-making experiences.

And I want my school to be full of positive memories for all of the collaborators in our learning journey! And that requires a ‘yes’ mindset (even if it sometimes brings … disruptions…)

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