Day 85 (of 184) this is why I push differentiation

Day 85 (of 184) this is why I push differentiation

One topic, several strategies.

This is one way I use to explain differentiation.

In the past I have modelled my approach to it by sharing how students were able to create power points without words (still a lifecycle presentation that I can clearly picture in my mind). There was the literature circles/book club that I remain most proud of around The Lion The Witch & The Wardrobe: I had ‘easy to read’ books, junior novelization, adapted novelettes, the real book and for my ‘exceeding’ and ‘well below’ expectations readers, book on mp3 – the conversations that were had in small and large groups were amazing.

Today was highlighted by another such reminder (that will be staying with me and several others on staff) for a long time. One of my boys came up with a piece of folded paper. He quietly said he had written a story and he would like me to read it. Now this is a boy who joined our learning community as a very reluctant learner and today he had a piece of writing he wanted to share.

He ‘confessed’ that he had some help. But really, it was a set of strategies that worked together to get his knowledge (his story) out of him. Some work with each of our CEAs. A LOT of time with his main classroom teacher (my partner teacher) and time. In the end he had a story that he was proud of.

Best of all was the smile on his face as he reflected on his work. As he stealthily printed off several more copies of his work and shared it with every adult who had connected with him (I got to overhear a bit of a chat between two ladies in the staffroom). This would not have been possible if there wasn’t differentiation and scaffolding. If he had to do it in ‘the same way’ as everybody else, we would have had no work from him, and he would not have had any work to share.

This is why I differentiate.


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