Day 71 (of 184) student engagement inquiry begins

Day 71 (of 184) student engagement

Today in our school district, a few teachers gathered to talk about inquiry projects around student engagement.

It is an interesting conversation – how what and why student engagements in learning is a concern

Although disengagement has long been connected with schools: I recently was watching a news talk show where the host and guest both reminisced about how much they disliked and disengaged with school as youths.

In many other books (Dan Pink, Sir Ken among many) there is talk about students succeeding despite school not because of school.

That is no longer acceptable. And while we still have to remember and acknowledge that the ‘current’ structure of school (which looks similar or classrooms of the 19– 80s, 70s, 60s, 50s, dare I keep going backwards?) there is a growing contingent of learners who do not benefit from this ‘classic’ structure (and fair enough ‘new’ isn’t always great as coca cola found out in the 1980s).

But the discussion at this first session looking at engagement inquiry brought up some important words that were felt were needed by all members of our larger learning community:


Some heavy thinking as we set the groundwork to explore a bit more about what is engaging learners and to see if our schools approach of balancing technology integration, self regulation and non-traditional teaching structures such as geniushour are making a difference.


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