Day 61 (of 184) awkward moments: homework

Day 61 (of 184) Awkward moments: homework

Recently a staff member asked if I could chat to a few of her students about the importance of homework. I had to politely decline.

I did agree I could talk with them about strategies around organization but not about ‘assigned homework’. And understand: I love her class and her teaching is spectacular. We just have different views on the role of homework.

I understand and support her intention of building independent and organized learners – but I’ve been off the homework train for a long time. I always had the 15 club: 15 minutes of reading writing and math – with a focus on enjoyable pursuits of those topics.

Not that I’m opposed to learning at home. In fact I am very supportive when students want to take their work home to expand on it. Or do work on their geniushour projects in their spare time (this is in fact the goal).

But it’s the ownership piece. And if the work is meaningful and relevant – there are times when work needs to continue at home – such as geneology studies.

Homework should not, can not kill the love of learning. And already too many people associate math with a never ending collection of worksheets and questions (because a good math day should not be when a class ‘just’ has to do the even questions).

But the subtext in our learning community is that we don’t all have to do things the same way. Best practices don’t mean “a” practice. What we all do (very well in my opinion) is form strong relationships with everyone who is part of our learning community and make decisions & have learning intentions that are in the best interests of them. Always.

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