Day 50 (of 184) social emotional wellness

Day 50 (of 184) social emotional wellness

Today I was one of many in a district session around social emotional wellness (SEW). Considering that one of our two school goals is Self Regulation/Anxiety.

I liked the opening that said that there were some cancellations due to busy-ness. Lives are busy (and busier than in the past) which is one of the subtexts around working on SEW.

We played (Play Is The Way) a game called Islands. A bunch of hoops on the ground – walking around until a whistle goes. Then (community based) 3+ people have to be in the hoops (not touching hoop) by the count of 5. The focus is a group working together to earn a point against ‘the’ judge. Very good activity. And we tied 2-2.

First Key Question – what does a socially & emotionally well human being look like?

From a video from Marcus Garvey Elementary –
Garvey Elementary

It’s okay to feel any way but you can’t always act out any way.


We used the following brainstorming topics around (circular) SEW:
Social awareness
Self management
Self awareness
Responsible decision making
Relationship skills

–> big reminder to be self aware of is in the world of education – it is easy to get focused on the work and the well being of others while forgetting the importance of what “I” need (social time/relationships as a f’r instance)

One of our key challenges in establishing a district vision around SEW is common language – many programs with varied terminology…is a ‘common language’ achievable to benefit staff and students moving between schools…


Key breaks: movement (videos, activities on a ball, etc) and breathing. Both of which were positively modelled: basketball with activities with each line – hot potato game led to buddy-push, 33+ high fives and jumping jacks. Breathing was slow in through the nose and then I chose breathing out through my mouth as if I was blowing out a candle (thumb) without the flame going out.


In looking at average ratings of student emotional/mental health issues (via erase bullying presentations)
Anxiety #1 followed by family issues, impulse controls and then bullying/harassment, stress. Anger and ‘other’

With concerns around school-connectiveness (like being at school, feel safe etc) dropping between grades 7-10…. Building relationships (attachment) is a biggie…

Another Q: what do you remember about your childhood that enhanced your SE well being.

Discussion ranged from family & community events, more responsibilities, more free play time,

Vital: modelling

Great video share (another Ted talk) about the power of vulnerability by Brene Brown: power of vulnerability

The ability to be honest/authentic
To express needs
Not to worry about judgement/labels

Vulnerability connected to shame fear et al, but also birthplace for joy pride etc…

What we do has an impact on people (even when we pretend otherwise) both professionally and personally.

– as adults we need to be authentic and realm- and be seen as such

Hmmmm – modelling the full range of emotions….(thinking and discussion after Brenes video)

Or….. Newharts strategy

Lots of thinking going on around social emotional wellness/learning. A lot more work to be done – raising awareness of the importance and ways to access strategies and resources.

SEW self regulation ‘tricks’
MindUP chime / breathing breaks
Fidgets & chewlery
Physical space – safe vs unsafe spaces
Open space / snugglies
Greet students by name every morning (at least saying hello)

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Educator in BCs Sunny Shuswap Pushing 'technologization' in education: blending technology and curriculum seamlessly. Advocate for better understanding of Anxiety in Education (and use of self-regulation) Utilizing ePortfolios & Descriptive Feedback
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