Day 49 (of 184) new start to #geniushour

Day 49 (of 184) new start to genius hour

Today I had the opportunity to get another class starting #geniushour time. It was a great learning tool for me, my ‘new’ partner teacher (I’m co-facilitating during my ‘admin’ time to model how valuable I consider this part of a learning day/year/lifestyle to be.

The first discussion this morning was between teachers: we reminded and reaffirmed each other of the implementation dip we will experience

We understand that as this is a ‘new’ concept that it would take the learners some time to identify what their passions are. After all, the goal of genius hour is to become a ‘genius’ at something you love. My inspiration for this:
Calvin & Hobbes & dinosaurs

While I was leading the introduction we were able to show some samples of work for by other students in our school (and even a couple from a few years ago). A painting of the leaning tower of Pisa, a book on how to play guitar and a report on unicorns seemed to pique some interest. As did the understanding that neither teacher expected them to fully be able to articulate their passion and mistakes – or changes to their topic- were expected and encouraged.

And as for deadlines….my usual comment that gets me in trouble with some parents is that I hope they are ‘done’ by graduation (in working with grade 4s today) but if it’s truly a passion, their work should never truly ‘end’.

As for assessment, we will follow their progress via a portfolio and occasionally have a group sharing session to see what everybody is doing….

Because to start day 1, one student shares her work on scratch ( scratch ) and a dozen students were intrigued. I don’t expect them all to stick with it, but as our exit conversation included – finding out what you like, not love is important, and even more vital is being okay working on something different than your best friend.

Learning needs some personalization and differentiation and genius hour is a great way to learn! I look forward to working with more classes soon – with the intent being that I will fade into the background until there is something I need to contribute – or even better, learn about when a sharing opportunity is reached!

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