Day 32 (of 184) drills

Day 32 (of 184) drills

An earthquake drill? Seriously?

I have been asked this question by every stakeholder group I’ve worked with for the past decade or so.

Everyone is good with fire drills. Especially in nice weather when it can be combined with an extended recess! Although the only fires I’ve known of have occurred in the winter (Christmas lights on classroom doors can be dangerous!) but that doesn’t make anyone happier when I suggest winter drills! Side note: the fire chief made it very clear to my friend who dealt with the winter fire that it is more important that the children evacuate the school safely (ie in boots and coats) rather than be outside in under two minutes…

The intruder drill is another that has its positives (good to practice just in case….) and negatives (some kids and teachers are watching too much psychological thriller television). I like to emphasize that while we call it an intruder drill, the most dangerous ‘intruder’ I’ve used a ‘lockdown’ for was a strange dog that was patrolling the hallways. Not a movie villain.

But the earthquake drill is a toughie. We don’t live in an earthquake zone. There’s no fault line. etc etc etc. And while I agree we don’t currently live in a earthquake-likely zone, I will continue to support the efforts of @shakeoutbc and other groups that want to raise earthquake awareness – not because of where we live, but where we might live (3 major universities are in earthquake areas, and my only earthquake experience was while I attended UBC) and where we might visit (and I know some people who love to go shopping in Vancouver.

It doesn’t take much time, and the drills are good to point out some flaws (how to teachers-on-call lock doors if they don’t had keys?) to fix before the next one. After all, if we don’t use these drills as part of a feedback loop, why even bother?


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