Day 31 (of 184) birthday cupcakes

Day 31 (of 184) birthday cupcakes

Being a principal can make for very busy days. Committee work + meetings + teaching + ‘do you have a minute’ + supervision + checkins + visits + coaching + assembly prep + pre-reading interims + a bunch of other important things (right – like working on the Christmas play script – at least I don’t need that until Friday!) = typical day.

But then there are birthday cupcakes.

Literally and metaphorically.

The sudden arrival of a parent who graciously made time to make cupcakes for the nearly three dozen students who had their birthdays mentioned at our recognition assembly.

The question knowingly asked by a random student if ‘we might be getting our birthday cupcakes’ – okay the random student MAY have been the son of the cupcake maker.

Just a random change in the ordinary routine where I get to pop I to each classroom (on a day which I am usually mainly teaching my own classroom) and make some quick connections and reconnections with my learning community.

The committee work gets forgotten (I’ll find some time tomorrow) and is replaced by the 5 year old who wants to show me his loose tooth as he chooses a cupcake with chocolate sprinkles. The email from central office can wait while an intermediate student and I plot an option since I forgot she can’t have gluten – I checked at a couple grocery stores without luck because I was too late to get to the bakeries in town that may have an option for her! And the CEA who tried to steal the tray of cupcakes – I had to remind her that stealing treats was my job – um I mean taste testing foods to ensure the safety of my learning community…..

It’s nice that the school day has so many of these little interruptions for principals – as long as we remember to appreciate and take note of them. And remember to value the importance that each moment (be it a cupcake, an email, phone call, proof reading of a class newsletter, chatting with a parent, having a minute for a staff member who needs and deserves and gets much more than the requested minute) has to the individuals who make up our learning community. And the importance a birthday cupcake can have on the person receiving it – and the one who delivers it!

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