Day 30 (of 184) working on Creativity as a Competency

Day 30 (of 184) creativity work

Today I got the chance to work with other educators to get a better handle on ‘creativity’ as a core competency in BC Education. Here are some of my thoughts connected to creativity in education:

First query on Creativity – how important is the adult reaction to what students ‘do’ or create – specifically does assessment get in the way of creativity?

Creativity – engagement paradigm – is loss of creativity connected to disengagement of learners? Intrinsic vs extrinsic motivation…?

Observation by two teaches that in grade 4, creative impulses have gone down & anxiety for going beyond right/wrong & steps to one right answer

Hmmm: Can we assess creativity – how will we feel to have another teacher pointing out how ‘creative’ my child is…

How can/would assessing creativity make kids be more creative? Feedback loop can be of value but…evaluation and reporting of creativity of an individual…?

Assessment vs evaluation of creativity………

If teachers aren’t/can’t provide strategies, how can it be looked at – don’t assess/evaluate what isn’t taught/presented/practiced.

Old view: a trait, connected to intelligence, part of fine arts or cross-disciplinary

Students view it as something everyone has, not just fine arts, don’t have to be ‘smart’ to be creative

When asked what it looks like in school- students comments were not good: “teachers give us choices but hard to be creative because of the criteria”

Through discussion, a Great reminder – students need to work through boredom – intro – off task – on target
It’s a stage to go through before you get to the next stage


Here’s a difficulty – creativity comes from the unconscious, a place where there is no meta cognition, reflection, critical thinking etc. and teachers are liking to talk about metacogniton (normally a very good thing!!)

Levels of creativity:
New to you
New to friends/peers
Novel for age group
Novel in larger community
New in particular context
Absolutely new

Types of value:
Solve a natural occurring problem
Provides new perspective (entertain, influence thinking or actions)
Influential (w classmates, w larger group of peers, in school/community, globally)

Stages in creative thinking
Period of preparation

Sometimes it’s claimed “idea came from nowhere”
Strategy may be to become more aware of what brings our creativity (unlocked subconscious by… Music/running/etc)

Creativity perception shift over the years: divine intervention –> only some are creative –> creative in context by any/all…

—> Key includes (self) awareness of strategies to use to release (?) creativity <–

Strategies for generating creative ideas:
Impetus is an interest or passion, a constraint or problem
Creative ideas arise from unconscious mind when conditions are right
People can become aware if, and use strategies for:
Giving their unconscious mind lots of ideas and information to combine and recombine at random
Providing incubation time for the unconscious mind to work
Quieting the censors in the conscious and subconscious mind

Fear: being meta cognitive about the subconscious and how creative thinking occurs for each individual…

Can we (research says we can) move to deliberately using strategies to be creative
Fill w ideas & info
Incubation time
Quieting mind censors

Approaches to elaboration
Evaluate ideas, refine them, work to bring them to fruition
May require perseverance, problem solving, critical thinking, using failure productively and TIME (May take lots of time)
May require new creative ideas to solve constraints and problems along the way
Will likely be more difficult and time consuming if idea is very novel

Big topic!

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