Day 26 (of 184) flus and other reasons for leaves of absences

Day 26 (of 184) flus and other reasons for loa

Leaves of absence come in many shapes and sizes.
Right now the flu is running through our school staff – including a case of pink eye (hopefully only one). Sickness is one of the big reasons for absence in schools – a mix of colds flus and more that teaching staff get to be exposed to every day. Well almost every day as even the healthiest teacher will need a day now and then.

More positively are the absences due to professional development. It is great when teachers have to leave the classroom to go learn more that will further benefit the learning environment they return to! Even better when they get a chance to lead a session too!

Tied closely to professional growth is the duty to our professional associations – at times teachers need to take time to work with their professional associations for the greater good of the entire profession.

These and other requests for Leaves of Absence are a regular reasons for teachers to be away from their classroom – and great opportunity for new teachers to try out their skills in a variety of learning environments.

While we miss people when they are away from the building, it is important to remember that there are still many positives, be it a chance to see how students work with a new person in the classroom, or a chance for educators to work (and learn) with and from each other, or even if they just take the time to get themselves healthy.


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