Day 22 (of 184) collaboration spreading from SOLE to Rec Math including a rec math brain teaser

Day 22 (of 184) collaboration spreading from SOLE to Rec Math

A great question was asked of me during today’s SOLE: can we look at other peoples work because I’m missing something.

The answer was of course ‘yes’ ( @mitras encouraged stealing/collaborating/researching – whatever you want to call it in his book that has inspired our Self Organized Learning Environment time in ‘Beyond the hole in the wall’) as it creates a community where we are all helping each other learn – not hiding information.

The collaborative sharing time was a reason why I shifted our SOLE time from Friday (a tight hour to do everything) to Wednesday (when we have 90 minutes to use) – and the walking and talking going on between our computer lab, library and quiet classroom is focused, engaged, and on-topic.

In fact, the questions being asked between groups aren’t about factoids (ie when was Fred Penner born) but more about strategies (how did you find out where he was born).

This collaborative problem solving is good as it connects to our Friday Recreational Mathematics Query: a brain teaser which is being asked today and being solved on Friday. Even I haven’t looked up/been provided the answer so that we are all in the same ‘thinking space’ together. Tough to do on ones own but potentially easier when collaborating…

Here’s the question:


There are 5 people.

4 of them are togglers. That means that they change their answers from lies to the truth and back again. Some will start with the truth and then lie and go back and forth alternating between lying and telling the truth.

Here’s the goal: there is one ‘truth teller’. How can you tell who it is.

Here’s the obstacle. You can only ask two questions in total.
It might be two to one person or one question to two people, but you can only ask 2 questions…

More to come on Friday!!


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