Day 9 (of 184) recreational mathematics

Day 9 (of 184)

While I was much happier with this weeks SOLE (self organized learning environment) – specifically better understanding the time needed to fester out some collaborative learning (1/2 hour last week was not nearly enough – the one hour this week for ‘searching an talking’ was MUCH better and removed some frustrations from last week – a few thought this weeks question was easier – last weeks was meant to be easier)


Dr Who was right! In episode 42 he solves a problem by identifying happy primes (you have to google it, I’m struggling to fully understand it myself) and asking (with some surprise) don’t they teach recreational mathematics anymore?

I want to make math fun. Today my anxious kids had no tears. And we even saw the start of some smiles.

We started by taking about game shows and statistics. A group play of the Deal or No Deal app was great with the goal being to ‘quit’ the game at the right time and with the most ‘money’ – first time though kids weren’t sure what to do. Second time they started to use some strategy. And more importantly talking about why the app was making the offers it was. I wasn’t saying much. They were.

Then we explores the Khan Academy – using a classic brain teaser: two doors w two guards. One door has treasure the other death. One guard tells the truth. The other always lies. You can only ask one guard one question.
What question can you ask to know which door to go through.

Then I gave the kids 15 minutes to think/talk their way through it. I woulda given them longer but it was the first one.

As for the answer: I’ll blog it out in another post.

Because math should be fun and make you think.

Can’t wait until next weeks ‘math art to infinite’. Crazy stuff.

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