Day One (of 184)

Day one (of 184)

I started the day hoping that my learning community was excited about today as I was. After exposing myself to a wide selection of reading – from Star Wars pulp fiction to Finnish Lessons along with iWoz and Teach like a pirate to name a few – I am always excited about what the year brings and what connections I’ll make between my summer of learning and the start of the school year.

One of the ideas that has been floating in my head all day is ‘cranking up the excitement’ of starting school. This idea was reinforced via twitter by @philgriffins – an assistant principal in Virginia. He was talking about turning opening day into a tailgate event. Being Canadian but having American family and friends, I have experienced only a little of the tailgate culture – but the concept highlighted on Friday nights at highschools, Saturdays at college and Sunday at NFL stadiums would be amazing on the first day.

I’m imagining parents students and staff gathered around the parking lot sharing coffee, cooking an assortment of foods (cant help but assume the ever popular ‘brawt would make an appearance!) and getting excited about the day.

Then the music could start. Live music? Guess it would depend on the size and culture of the school. Would confetti cannons and smoke machines be going too far??

Great thinking was started this morning with a lot of reflection on what (and why) our school does what it does to start the year out.

Oh yeah, as a side bar, when I’m asked about why I twitter, this is just another example. Where else … how else could a principal in Sorrento BC connect and share thoughts with a vice principal in Virginia. (Even if he is a fan of New England Sports Teams 😉 twitter truly enables a professional learning network to grow and expand beyond borders and time zones!

Go Hawks.


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