iPads day 17 – changing practice

This week began with one of my teachers looking for our hdmi cable so she could practice her ‘Christmas around the world’ keynote and see how it looked on the big screen and if there were any changes needed.
A nice sample of self assessment.
She still wants to improve the visual impact and make it more engaging for her class – moving from passive to interactive viewership.

I also received a set of report cards that I have been reading and editing on the iPad. Very easy to use – I find reading on this easier (better?) than on my laptop…

Two groups of students used the devices to film part of their personalized learning project – one group did some test shots, the other did some ‘finished’ shots – at least they thought they were done until they watched themselves and realized that their fidgeting was distracting them!

I also helped a colleague with his Cyber Monday purchase – linking up his iCloud account to better synch his tablet and phone. He is looking forward to using his iPad to a) consume media and b) create content – a good balance in his own personal learning!

I love that each day, the various journeys in life long learning these mobile devices are enabling and supporting! I’m looking forward to having the members of our learning community continue to identify tools that they don’t only use, but are helping them learn – whatever the age!


About technolandy

Educator in BCs Sunny Shuswap Pushing 'technologization' in education: blending technology and curriculum seamlessly. Advocate for better understanding of Anxiety in Education (and use of self-regulation) Utilizing ePortfolios & Descriptive Feedback
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