iPads Day 7

Classroom work went as expected: the archived map lesson was used by the students who were absent yesterday to see what was missed.

More significant was our first ‘lunch lesson’. The focus was to work out how to import pictures into keynote to create a presentation to support/engage student learning.

The predictable part was confirming how to get pictures into the ‘photo’ app and then linking them into the different ‘keynote’ slides. Some even were exploring how to ‘animate’ the pics and slides (I didn’t show them that!)

The unpredictable part was seeing how easily yet can network together. By having ‘everything open’ and temporarily sharing the iTunes account, we were also all sharing Halloween photos. Of our families. Got that figured out!

We also explored how to personalize the home screen – something relatively simple but looks important to the users. Our thinking question is how do we (or do we at all?) allow personalization of app setup if/when the iPads will be shared. Kinda glad we started small to work out some ‘mini lab’ questions before bringing in 30+! Great learning, sharing and talking about student achievements and adaptions around the school!

The next learning target is to try using the iBooks app and read books. Playing with free books to start, though ‘Why School?’ may end up in the iBooks library!

About technolandy

Educator in BCs Sunny Shuswap Pushing 'technologization' in education: blending technology and curriculum seamlessly. Advocate for better understanding of Anxiety in Education (and use of self-regulation) Utilizing ePortfolios & Descriptive Feedback
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